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Fantasy Clip Inks published by
Outland Arts
and illustrated by William McAusland


Dungeon Portals set 1
illustrated by William McAusland
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Dungeon Portals set 2
illustrated by William McAusland
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Warriors Set 1
illustrated by
William McAusland

product number: OLAWR1

Warriors Set 2
illustrated by
William McAusland

product number: OLAWR
2 $12.00us

Spell Casters Set 1
illustrated by
William McAusland

product number: OLASP1


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In the Devi-Bear's Den by William McAusland    digital (Photoshop)    Client: Outland Arts

Published Product: Excavator Monthly magazine cover art (Monthly PDF magazine to be released with The Mutant Epoch role playing game, in production.

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The Last Dragon, framed medium Print
Finished size: 19.7" x 25.5"
Print on Enhanced Matte Poster : 10.2" x 16.0"

Skeleton Legion by William McAusland
Frame: 695
Flat Black with Edge
Mats: Top:1062
Glazing: Acrylic
Size: 31.7"x 40.5"
Material: Enhanced Matte Poster

Cyber Empress by William McAusland
Frame: 661
Metropolitan Black with Gold
Mats: Top:1058
Glazing: Acrylic
Size: 20.0"x 23.0"
Material: Enhanced Matte Poster  $144.08